Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Congratulations to CiH graduates!

The current crop of graduates of the Computer in Homes course run at Roscommon School, Manurewa, attended their graduation ceremony at the local RSA on 27 November 2015.  Participants were handed their certificates and free computers at a touching ceremony, where some of their work was presented to the group.  Principal Sonia Johnston and Associate Principal Christina Patea were there to congratulate the graduates and join them in a buffet lunch, including a special cake to commemorate the big day.

The biggest benefit of being chosen for this programme, is being able to keep up with my children as they progress through their learning and they too will be able to teach me a few more things, as this day in age is all about technology and for me, being computer literate is a great way to show my children that the Internet is a great place to help them drive their learning and to have fun along the away, as I have experienced participating with a great group of parents.
Cynthia Samuels

When I signed up for the computers in homes program I pretty much did it for the free computer and cheap internet. As time went by I actually started enjoying it. I learnt so many new things, met so many lovely people, and gained confidence in myself that I can actually study and do what I truly want to do which is becoming a nurse, even though I have got 4 young babies I know I can do it now.
Lucy Savage

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